Posted by: louiseheasman | October 19, 2009

Have You Become Complacent In Your Marketing Strategy?

During these ‘challenging’ times, I’ve been really inspired at how creative business owners can get when the chips are down and there is a real sense of urgency when it comes to filling up the sales pipeline.

Let me share one great example that a commercial cleaning company is using with great success.

When budgets are tight one of the things that companies cut back on is the cleaning. Reducing the hours or in smaller businesses even cancelling the contract altogether and you’ll see the MD running the vacuum around at the end of the day! Believe me, I’ve seen it!

So this is what this commercial cleaning company did….

They sent a duster in the post to 100 businesses with a note saying if they didn’t want to do the dusting themselves they knew who to call and they could rely on them to a really great job!

This great direct mail approach got a few laughs from people opening the envelope, a few of the dusters were undoubtedly used by someone delegated the task of cleaning in the office but it also prompted no fewer than 16 people to pick up the ‘phone and enquire about professional cleaning services.

That’s a 16% response rate and for a direct mail campaign that’s brilliant!

So far the company has 5 new clients and a few more in the pipeline so the return on investment has been excellent.

How could this type of approach help you in your businesses? Could you be more creative in your current marketing strategy?

If you are feeling a bit stumped for ideas, you may like to join me for my next FREE Teleseminar where I’ll be sharing lots of sky rocket marketing ideas to help you achieve you business goals for 2010.

Louise Heasman

Business Transformationist and Creator


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