Posted by: louiseheasman | October 21, 2009

Having Fun In Business!

I had an absolutely fabulous day yesterday! Ab Fab probably being a very accurate description! No, I am joking, well maybe a bit!

In August I started working with a wine importer and just 3 short months later we have 4 of us on the team and yesterday amidst of all the panic of whether the wine would arrive from Chile, Italy and France in time (which most of it did thank goodness) we spent a wonderful day with one of the world’s leading wine experts, tasting and evaluating all the wines that we’re going to be selling next month.

Whilst our day wasn’t quite like the Ab Fab episode of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley tasting wine in France, the day was just so enormously rich in information and fun!

The four of us all run other businesses and we are all fortunate in the fact we love everything that we do. After all that’s the whole point of working for yourself isn’t it?

Putting the fun aside and also the educational angle (I’ve always wanted to learn about wine, not just enjoy drinking the stuff but really learn about it) one of the other reasons I’ve got involved in this business is that it’s another income stream and developing multiple income streams not only helps to spread the financial risks of being in business, as an entrepreneur it really helps to enhance creativity.

So watch this space for more news on our wine venture!


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