Posted by: louiseheasman | November 11, 2009

Why I Love Teleseminars!

Recently I have been asked a lot of questions about Teleseminars. Why I like them so much, why I use them and how they work etc.

So I thought I’d share just 3 reasons (there are so many more!) with you to see if you could find attending and/or running Teleseminars useful for you and your business.

Teleseminars Are Time Efficient / Effective Use Of My Time

I’ve done a lot of personal and business development courses this year and almost all the programmes I’ve chosen to do have all been run via Teleseminar or Webinar (more on Webinars another time!) This means I am able to learn in manageable bite size chunks (sessions are usually an hour in duration) rather than having to devote big blocks of time out of my diary to study.

Conversely, I love running workshops and courses and I have always been aware that one of the barriers that comes up is the amount of time people have to take out of their business to attend. It can a real challenge for busy people but delivering a course in bite sized chunks via Teleseminar means they can attend whilst not having to leave their home or office.

Repetition Is The Secret To Success!

All the programmes that I’ve participated in and have run are recorded which means they can be listened to again and again. Repetition is great for learning and it is so useful to be able to come back to certain points or strategies as and when you need to. I particularly find listening to audio really useful whilst I’m travelling or doing something nice and mundane like ironing (some of my most creative ideas come to me when I’m ironing!)

Whilst listening to the audios again prove very useful, I also like having copies of the transcripts of each call. This means I dip in and out of each topic and find the information that I need quickly.

When you attend a live course or workshop you probably receive manuals and handouts but it’s up to you to take notes and I find it quite frustrating when I try to return to a point later and find that my notes don’t quite make sense! Having the audio and the transcript relieves this pain!

Cost Effectiveness

I have been on both sides again. I’ve run courses and workshops where I’ve had to keep an eye on the costs of venue hire and catering etc and I’ve also made choices as to which courses I attend and I weigh up the cost of the place, accommodation, travel etc with what I get in return.

Teleseminars can be incredibly cost effective for both the delegate as well the host or trainer as there’s no venue hire, catering, accommodation or travelling costs!

So these are just 3 reasons why I love teleseminars.

My Sky Rocket Marketing Results Programme starts next week and teleseminars is just one of the marketing methods we’ll be exploring. To find out more details about the programme please go to:

Louise Heasman

Business Transformationist and Creator

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