Posted by: louiseheasman | December 2, 2009

What are you doing to generate more leads?

Again this can be another ‘cross your fingers and say a quick prayer’ moment for some business owners!

When I ask people this question their response if often, ‘well it sort of happens….’

It’s when work dries up or one of your major contract goes under that people start to realise how important it is to make sure there is alway fresh prospects being pumped into that sales pipeline regularly, even daily!

Spending just 20 or 30 minutes each day can make all the difference and when you start to see prospects turn into clients and in turn you see your bank balance grow, you know that this daily discipline is an excellent investment on your time.

So what actions can you take each day to generate more leads?

1) Make some calls. Call people who you’ve met previously but whom you haven’t done business with. Start the sales process!

2) Send a few emails. Re-connect with people and see what happens!

3) Send a card in the post. People love receiving personal mail (97% of our mail is junk or bills!) so make sure you send a thoughtful card with the intention of re-connecting not selling


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