Posted by: louiseheasman | January 25, 2010

Time Management Tips For Working From Home Welcome!

After a relaxing weekend with the family, it gets to Monday morning and I often feel like I’m back on that treadmill again! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do, my life, family commitments etc but I do feel that Monday is the start of the race again, and I’m back trying to fit everything in and remain sane at the same time!

So this week, I would really like to pick your brains as to what works for you. So many of us are working from home and juggle our businesses around family life and it would be great to share some successful time management strategies.

Here’s one of my golden rules….

Always clear email on a Friday afternoon so you can start the week without having too full an inbox on Monday morning!

And if I don’t, I always end up regretting it!

I look forward to hearing your golden tips as to how you manage your time effectively working from home.



  1. lovely blogg I have bookmarked you and will deffinatly be a repeat visitor.

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