Posted by: louiseheasman | February 2, 2010

How was January for you?

Yesterday was a blast! I spent the day on the phone to clients on my Business Transformation Programme who were updating me with their results for the month of January and I was absolutely blown away by all the sessions.

Their results have been absolutely amazing and it’s been a truly humbling experience for me seeing how the vision they had for their business last November is becoming a fantastic reality in January. In just two months, they have been able to transform their businesses and have two of them reported that they had the best December and January ever since being in business! Two more reported that January was their profitable month they have ever had too.

Really amazing stuff! And I’ll share their stories with you soon as I prepare to launch my next group Business Transformation Programme.

In the meantime, it made me think about the common qualities these successful clients shared. You may find these tips helpful if you are busy reviewing your achievements in January and if you’re looking for some inspiration.

How clear is your vision for your business?

Once you’ve defined what you really want and how you want your business to look, it’s easier then to move to the next step. Make it as visual as you can.

Define your strategy or action plan

Break down the things that need to be done into smaller chunks and prioritize them. If you are feeling overwhelmed a good way to focus is to work out which project is going to make you the most money in the fastest amount of time and start with that! As soon as you see the money going into the bank you feel even more motivated to move onto the next project.

Take action

It’s all very well having a vision and your strategy plan but unless you take action FREQUENTLY and REGULARLY your vision will remain just a dream. Turn your vision into reality by sticking to your plan and keep taking those baby steps to reach your destination. Outsource whatever drags you down so you can keep focussed on the end result. Avoid procrastination at all cost!

Believe in yourself

If you are clear about your vision and you have passion for what you do it’s easier to believe in yourself. If something goes a little wrong along the way, don’t worry, mistakes are great! Get back on track as soon as you can and learn from the experience. It will make you and your business much stronger in the long run.

Keep the faith and you’ll get there!


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