Posted by: louiseheasman | February 5, 2010

Are you a business owner OR do you work for yourself?

It’s an interesting one isn’t it?

I’ve just got back from doing the school run and I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. We were busy catching up on gossip, family etc and the subject soon got around to work.

I explained what I was now running two businesses, told her a little bit about them. Then Sarah started to tell me about her work news and she used an interesting “I now work for myself”…

It got me thinking. Sometimes people decide to sack the boss and go it alone ‘to work for themselves’ and often the reasons for doing so  that it can offer increased flexibility, reduced working hours, more money etc.

But if you apply the ‘working for yourself’ mindset do you in fact run the risk of becoming your worst nightmare of a boss, working longer and harder and for less financial reward?

Whereas if you apply the ‘I run a business’ attitude, does this lend itself to bigger thinking in terms of vision, automation and involving others to achieve bigger goals.

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this and how you descibe yourself to others. Are you a business owner or do you work for yourself?

Happy musings on Fun Friday!



  1. Good question. A designer friend of mine who just went freelance recently commented that he didn’t like networking and promoting himself because it stopped him from working – he hadn’t made the mental switch that all ‘work’ around the stuff he got paid for by clients, was now part of his day job. I definitely run a business, this is more true now as I’ve employed people. But, even when it was just me, I thought of it as a business. I think you can often tell by what people choose to call themselves, if they use their own names, they usually work for themselves. If they choose an actual company name, they’ve started the journey towards being a business owner.

    • Thanks for your input Bryony. I think you’re right. It’s having the vision from the outset that really makes the difference. It’s definitely a mindset thing. As you say, you need to make the mental switch.

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