Posted by: louiseheasman | February 9, 2010

Is your perfectionist streak sabotaging your success?

I got to a stage yesterday when I felt I was running around in circles. I had a project on my desk which should have been easily completed but it just seemed to be going on and on.

OK, I was also juggling this alongside looking after my poorly 5 year old so maybe it wasn’t the best working environment to be in but sometimes I’ve found that the less time I have to complete something, often it works out better.

That wasn’t happening yesterday. As I say, I kept going around in circles until I heard a little voice (no, not my daughter!) in my head say to me, “Ditch the perfectionism and just get it off your desk – it’s good enough”.

Whilst there are times when it’s really important to pay attention to those little details, there are also times when trying to make something perfect you end up sabotaging the whole project.

Does this scenario resonate with you?

I’d love you to share your tips and techniques on how you’ve managed this type of situation. So please leave a comment or get in touch with me.

Tomorrow I’ll share your tips along with the 5 things I did to get closure on this project…..


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