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What’s your one word mantra for 2010?

I was really inspired by Mari Smith’s blog post about creating a one-word theme for the year and it really got me thinking.

Like many of you, I have all my business, financial and marketing plans in place for 2010 but the simplicity in having a one-word theme, or mantra, really resonated with me.

Having reflected on my goals and plans for this year, there’s one word that came shouting out at me and that is FREEDOM!

For me FREEDOM sums up everything that I want to achieve this year:

  • Having a business that gives me the FREEDOM to work when I choose to
  • Having the FREEDOM to work where I want to
  • Having the FREEDOM to work with who I want to

And I could go on! Seriously, it’s a great one to muse over as I know this one word mantra is going to help keep me focussed this year on achieving me goals and making the best informed decisions.

So what’s your one-word mantra for 2010?

Posted by: louiseheasman | December 2, 2009

What are you doing to generate more leads?

Again this can be another ‘cross your fingers and say a quick prayer’ moment for some business owners!

When I ask people this question their response if often, ‘well it sort of happens….’

It’s when work dries up or one of your major contract goes under that people start to realise how important it is to make sure there is alway fresh prospects being pumped into that sales pipeline regularly, even daily!

Spending just 20 or 30 minutes each day can make all the difference and when you start to see prospects turn into clients and in turn you see your bank balance grow, you know that this daily discipline is an excellent investment on your time.

So what actions can you take each day to generate more leads?

1) Make some calls. Call people who you’ve met previously but whom you haven’t done business with. Start the sales process!

2) Send a few emails. Re-connect with people and see what happens!

3) Send a card in the post. People love receiving personal mail (97% of our mail is junk or bills!) so make sure you send a thoughtful card with the intention of re-connecting not selling

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Why I Love Teleseminars!

Recently I have been asked a lot of questions about Teleseminars. Why I like them so much, why I use them and how they work etc.

So I thought I’d share just 3 reasons (there are so many more!) with you to see if you could find attending and/or running Teleseminars useful for you and your business.

Teleseminars Are Time Efficient / Effective Use Of My Time

I’ve done a lot of personal and business development courses this year and almost all the programmes I’ve chosen to do have all been run via Teleseminar or Webinar (more on Webinars another time!) This means I am able to learn in manageable bite size chunks (sessions are usually an hour in duration) rather than having to devote big blocks of time out of my diary to study.

Conversely, I love running workshops and courses and I have always been aware that one of the barriers that comes up is the amount of time people have to take out of their business to attend. It can a real challenge for busy people but delivering a course in bite sized chunks via Teleseminar means they can attend whilst not having to leave their home or office.

Repetition Is The Secret To Success!

All the programmes that I’ve participated in and have run are recorded which means they can be listened to again and again. Repetition is great for learning and it is so useful to be able to come back to certain points or strategies as and when you need to. I particularly find listening to audio really useful whilst I’m travelling or doing something nice and mundane like ironing (some of my most creative ideas come to me when I’m ironing!)

Whilst listening to the audios again prove very useful, I also like having copies of the transcripts of each call. This means I dip in and out of each topic and find the information that I need quickly.

When you attend a live course or workshop you probably receive manuals and handouts but it’s up to you to take notes and I find it quite frustrating when I try to return to a point later and find that my notes don’t quite make sense! Having the audio and the transcript relieves this pain!

Cost Effectiveness

I have been on both sides again. I’ve run courses and workshops where I’ve had to keep an eye on the costs of venue hire and catering etc and I’ve also made choices as to which courses I attend and I weigh up the cost of the place, accommodation, travel etc with what I get in return.

Teleseminars can be incredibly cost effective for both the delegate as well the host or trainer as there’s no venue hire, catering, accommodation or travelling costs!

So these are just 3 reasons why I love teleseminars.

My Sky Rocket Marketing Results Programme starts next week and teleseminars is just one of the marketing methods we’ll be exploring. To find out more details about the programme please go to:

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Having Fun In Business!

I had an absolutely fabulous day yesterday! Ab Fab probably being a very accurate description! No, I am joking, well maybe a bit!

In August I started working with a wine importer and just 3 short months later we have 4 of us on the team and yesterday amidst of all the panic of whether the wine would arrive from Chile, Italy and France in time (which most of it did thank goodness) we spent a wonderful day with one of the world’s leading wine experts, tasting and evaluating all the wines that we’re going to be selling next month.

Whilst our day wasn’t quite like the Ab Fab episode of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley tasting wine in France, the day was just so enormously rich in information and fun!

The four of us all run other businesses and we are all fortunate in the fact we love everything that we do. After all that’s the whole point of working for yourself isn’t it?

Putting the fun aside and also the educational angle (I’ve always wanted to learn about wine, not just enjoy drinking the stuff but really learn about it) one of the other reasons I’ve got involved in this business is that it’s another income stream and developing multiple income streams not only helps to spread the financial risks of being in business, as an entrepreneur it really helps to enhance creativity.

So watch this space for more news on our wine venture!

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Taking Delegation To The Extreme!

It was my birthday on Saturday and did I get to open a single card or present? Oh no! Georgie (5) and Heidi (3) had it all covered for me!

Not sure what age I’ll be before I get to do this again for myself!

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Have You Become Complacent In Your Marketing Strategy?

During these ‘challenging’ times, I’ve been really inspired at how creative business owners can get when the chips are down and there is a real sense of urgency when it comes to filling up the sales pipeline.

Let me share one great example that a commercial cleaning company is using with great success.

When budgets are tight one of the things that companies cut back on is the cleaning. Reducing the hours or in smaller businesses even cancelling the contract altogether and you’ll see the MD running the vacuum around at the end of the day! Believe me, I’ve seen it!

So this is what this commercial cleaning company did….

They sent a duster in the post to 100 businesses with a note saying if they didn’t want to do the dusting themselves they knew who to call and they could rely on them to a really great job!

This great direct mail approach got a few laughs from people opening the envelope, a few of the dusters were undoubtedly used by someone delegated the task of cleaning in the office but it also prompted no fewer than 16 people to pick up the ‘phone and enquire about professional cleaning services.

That’s a 16% response rate and for a direct mail campaign that’s brilliant!

So far the company has 5 new clients and a few more in the pipeline so the return on investment has been excellent.

How could this type of approach help you in your businesses? Could you be more creative in your current marketing strategy?

If you are feeling a bit stumped for ideas, you may like to join me for my next FREE Teleseminar where I’ll be sharing lots of sky rocket marketing ideas to help you achieve you business goals for 2010.

Louise Heasman

Business Transformationist and Creator

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Hello world!

Just signed up to WordPress – I’ve heard so much about how wonderful it is, thought I’d try it out for myself!

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